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Anyone that isn't an owner of one of the so-called "Next Generation" consoles would probably completely agree with me on this. Game companies need to stop ditching the older consoles. Like with PS2 and Final Fantasy X, the people at Square are like, "Ooooooo!!! PS2 has 128 bits of graphics and PSX only has 32 bits. Instead of releasing FFX for both systems, we'll release it for PS2 only and then people wont only have to dish out $300 for a PS2, but an additional $50 for FFX."

If you have played these two games, you have seen the wonderful job that Square did with Ehrgeiz and the great job that Sony did with Legend of Dragoon. So most likely they could do just as good a job as was done on those two games with Final Fantasy X.

Most people that own a Nintendo 64 along with people that don't own one, N64 was supposed to be a system that uses CD's and Square had already started making Final Fantasy VII for the N64 but at the last moment the people at Nintendo decided to use cartridges instead of CD's so immedeately after Square found this out, they stopped all production on N64 games and started working for PlayStation (this is why there were never any games form Square for the N64) and now they are ditching PlayStation just cause PlayStation 2 is both graphically and technoligically superior to its predisessor (I think thats how you spell that).

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