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Team CBR Studios Presents:

What Happened to the PSone?
An Arcticle Written by Jonathan

As with many other games that look like they would attract many gamers GT3 Aspec was released for the PlayStation 2 and not the PlayStation. Now I'm not saying that I hate the PS2, its just that these new gaming consoles that have been categorized as Next Generation consoles are hogging all of the spotlight. All of the good games that could have been just as goon on PSone as on PS2 are only being released on the PS2. With all of these new consoles that are coming out, the only new releases that us PSone owners have to choose from are sports games (I hate sports games (many other people also prefer games other than sports games)) and those retarded kiddie games (I also hate kiddie games). If a game is released for PSone and it is not related in any way to sports or that crap with "educational value" (as those idiotic people that are saying that there is too much violence in today's games (thats including the "E" rated games) like to say) then most lifely, the game is either not too entertaining or it just flat out sucks.

As most gamers have seen with previous consoles, has happened with pthe PSone and the PS2 and will happen with the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo GameCube just like it did with the Nintendo and Super Nintendo and the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64. I estimate that within the first 6 months after the GameCube's release, the flow of Nintendo 64 new releases will go down severely causing many people to loose interest in the N64 and go out an buy either PS2, Microsoft X Box, or Nintendo GameCube and what has happened with the PSone will most certainly happen with the Nintendo 64 and has already began to happen to the GameBoy Color because of the GameBoy Advance.

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