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Team CBR Studios Presents:

Comparison: Apple PowerMac G4 vs. Micron Millennia MAX XP

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Micron Millennia MAX XP
Processor: AMD Athlon 1200Mhz

L2 Cache: 256k @ 1200Mhz

Memory: 128MB DDR SDRAM @

Hard Drive: 60GB (7200 rpm)

Video Card: Geforce2 GTS
(64MB DDR)

Monitor: 19" Micron Trinitron

CD/DVD-ROM: 8x/4x/32x CD-RW
16x/48x DVD-ROM

Networking: SMC 10/100 Ethernet

Modem: 3CFOM 56k V.90

Sound Card: SoundBlaster Live! Value

Speakers: External Altec Lansing
ACS56 Digital Gamer
(35W/satteliate, 35W/subwoofer, 4.1
speaker set)

USB: Yes, 4 ports (2 front

Firewire: No

Keyboard: Micron Standard

Mouse: Logitech Wheel Mouse
(2 buttons + wheel)

Operating System: Windows 2000 Pro

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

Price: $2,120.00* From

PowerMac G4
Processor: PPC 7450 (New
G4) 533Mhz

L2 Cache: 256k @ 533Mhz

Memory: 128MB SDRAM @

Hard Drive: 40GB (7200 rpm)

Video Card: Geforce2 MX
(32MB SDR)

Monitor: 17" Apple Studio

CD/DVD-ROM: 8x/4x/32x CD-RW

Networking: 10/100/1000

Modem: V.90 56k

Sound Card: Internal Apple

Speakers: External Harman
Kardon 20W 2-
speaker set

USB: Yes, 2 ports

Firewire: Yes, 2 ports

Keyboard: Apple Pro

Mouse: Apple Optical
Cough-drop (1

Operating System: MacOS 9.1

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

Price: $2857.00 From