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Team CBR Studios Presents:
Team CBR Timeline

Team CBR Timeline (November 2000-July 2001)
By Jonathan A. Domenech a.k.a. Sephiroth128

It was mid October when Cloudie told me about his Final Fantasy VII website. About two weeks later, I asked Cloudie if I could be a partial owner of his site. He of course said yes and thats when we made plans for our master website. Yes, Im talking about Chocobos and Buster Rifles. Our brain child that was coming along great but never got off the ground.

November 2000
We were making plans for Chocobos and Buster Rifles. Stuff that was to be on the site and other ideas for the site such as the MogNet which is featured on Team CBRs Final Fantasy but has been proclaimed dead on March 1, 2001.

December 2000
Plans for Chocobos and Buster Rifles are now complete and a Grand Opening was set for December 15, 2000. But this site was never built. But being that Team CBR still owns all of the plans for Chocobos and Buster Rifles, there is still a possibility that Chocobos and Buster Rifles will be made on Tripod.

January 2001
Nothing much has happened in this month.

February 2001
Hmm Foo!!! was announced. This site was made using the Angelfire server but never got off the ground as with Chocobos and Buster Rifles. Few updates to what is now known as Team CBRs FFVII.

March 2001
Many Conflicts going on within Team CBR. Two of the employees are constantly bickering. Either that or they are running off asking people for money so they can buy lunch. No one is offering ideas for the site, not even me!

May 2001
For the month of April, we decided to give maintence of Team CBRs FFVII a break and Team CBR employee Seifer is fired. Hojo829 is on the brink of being fired due to his lack of work for the company. A massive update has been done to Team CBRs FFVII and plans for another Team CBR owned site are made.

June 2001
Very few updates are made during this month. Towards the end of the month, Team CBR Gaming is opened and operated mostly by Sephiroth128.

July 2001
Team CBRs FFVII is officially renamed Team CBRs Final Fantasy. Employee Hojo829 is fired and Team CBR is once again a 2-person site.

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