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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

After a long period of no updates, I am now back online.....sort of.  I'm actually using my school's computers now.  And I get to use the cool looking Windows XP now instead of the Memory Dump-ridden Windows 2000.
Currently, I really don't have much news in the world of gaming due to the fact that I have been without the Internet for a while.  But I can say one thing about video games, GameCube is now better than ever!  At a nice, attractive price of $99.95 (Wal-Mart price), the 'Cube is finally getting the respect that it deserves.  I actually went out and bought another one (making this my third) instead of buying another Xbox or PS2!
On another note, I have news from the world of PC.  Intel, one of the most widely known microchip manufaturers, is planning to discontinue the Pentium line of desktop and laptop processors.  The Pentium 5, which will probably start out at 3.0 gigahertz, will be the last Intel microprocessor to bear the Pentium name.  However, I have seen quite a few commercials that advertise the Intel Xeon processor and I have a feeling that Intel will soon have the Xeon be both a desktop processor and a server processor with the Intel Centrino mobile technology, which comes with a Pentium-M processor, replacing the Pentium 4/5 as the main chipset for laptops.  The Pentium-M would probably be known as Intel Centrino form that point on.
Also, Microsoft plans on beginning beta testing on its next Windows operating system, Windows Longhorn, next year.  So, if you are a risk taker, I would start trying to become a beta tester for Microsoft now.  For more information on Windows Longhonn, go to (