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Stuff that no one really cares about

Signs that you are addicted to Nintendo
By: Marcus & Mattias Liedholm

1. When the Autumn comes and the leaves starts to fall from the trees you first comment is "Wow it looks exactly like that forest course in Banjo Kazooie"!
(This has actually happened in real life. It is one of our mates, by name Daniel Lindberg, that is the one behind this comment...)
2. You don't know the name of the President but you do know Ganon's full name.

3. To make it easier for you to remember different years you associate them with which games that were released that year.

4. You lie awake at nights wondering what happened to Wart after Super Mario Bros 2.

5. At the Halloween parties you go as Kefka.

6. The first words that you learned was "It's a me Mario".

7. When everybody in the class wrote the names of their idols on the blackboard and other kids wrote names like Back Street Boys and Michael Jackson you wrote Kirby.

8. You become very surprised when you don't get 5000 "Points" when you jump from the roof of your house, trying to grab the top of the flagpole.

9. On the music lessons you tries to play "Saria's Song" on your recorder!

10. On the summer you are afriad of swimming in the ocean due to all the "Metroids" in the water.

11. When you hear old songs on the radio you associate them with which Nintendo game that you played most frequently when the song was popular... (It has happened to me!)

12. At a biology lesson, when you had to determine which species different spiders that you had collected was, you defined one spider as a "Skulltula".

13. You spend your whole adult life trying to find proof that the Yoshis exist!

14. When you talk about famous composers in school you are foxed over that the teacher hasn't known of either Koji Kondo or Nobuo Uematsu!

15. On the question: "Who created the world?" on your final test on the confirmation you wrote:
The 3 godesses; Din the godess of Power, Nayru the godess of Wisdom and Farore the godess of Courage who left the Triforce when they passed on...

16. Numerous times you have been taken to the intensive care unit for eating fly agaric...

17. Your New Year Resolution this year was to stop humming on the intro music to Banjo Kazooie!

18. Twice a day you turn in the direction of the Nintendo HQ in Japan to pray.

19. Your most read book is "The Complete Zelda 3 Strategy Guide".

20. Write an suggestion to the government/president that the day of the release of Zelda : Ocarina of time will be proclaimed as a national holiday!

21. You know the history of Huryle better than the history of your own country.

22. By a coincidence, when you didn't passed some important tests in school, a new game had been released the same week...

23. You think that NintendoLand is the best website in the world. (You don't need to be a Nintendo addict to have that opinion... ¨_^)

24. You name your little yellow hamster Pikachu...
Submitted by: Margot

25. You adopt such names as Nintendo-freak, Mario-boy/girl, and "that kid who sits in his room all day.
Submitted by: Ben

26. You know all 151 Pokemon by heart.
Submitted by: Erik, and Beedrill51

27. You eat a leaf thinking you will get a tail like in Super Mario Bros 3.
Submitted by: Tom

28. Your whole wardrobe is blue suspenders and red shirts.
Submitted by: Y. S.

29. You become seriously confused when you can't warp to school using the Samba of Boredom...
Submitted by: Unknown

30. When you're about to fall asleep, tetris bricks begin to drop behind your eyelids (It happens to me all the time)
Submitted by: Håkon

31. You jump on the back of turtles and make sound effects (As a 8-year old, I actually did this when I was in Tanzania).
Submitted by: Håkon

32. You get arrested for eating hallucinagenic mushrooms thinking you'll grow twice your size as in Super Mario Bros 1 & 3!
Submitted by: Potrod

33. You run this site!
Submitted by: Potrod

34. You steal the batteries from the remote controllers to the tvs, vcrs, cd players, etc. just to power your gameboy.(It happens to me all the time.......)
Submitted by: Jessica Lovejoy

35. In school you do your book report on the Official Strategy Guide to Ocarina of Time....
Submitted by: Matt Boyd

36. You thow balls at animals thinking you can catch them.
Submitted by:

37. You still got that headeache since the last time you tried to make
Thunder´s Sammamish.
Submitted by: Rodney Smith

38. You expect to see your dad´s car spinning around and to see coins bouncing off by placing a banana peel under it.
Submitted by: Rodney Smith

39. While everyone is singing their fav song from a radio station, you are
whistling a song from Diddy Kong Racing.
Submitted by: Rodney Smith

40. When talking to a foreign, you talk like Taj the genie from Diddy Kong Racing.
Submitted by: Rodney Smith

Thanks to NintendoLand for this list thingy.